My Teeth Fell Out!

March 24, 2009

Not everyone can afford dental insurance. Nor is dental insurance always the best way to go. Take me, for instance. I work at a full-time job, and have dental insurance. But the deductible is $200.00, and has a cap of only $1500.00! I have some major work to be done in my mouth. I was holding my grandson one day, and decided to play with him by tickling him. He immediately threw his head back and cracked one of my front teeth! Yikes! I went to my dentist and he said he could put a bridge in, but it would be a situation where it might not hold permanently. Sure enough, about three years later, I was on a business trip out to California, waiting for my plane to take me back to Alabama. I was a little hungry but didn’t want to eat, so I looked in my backpack and found some gum. I threw a piece in my mouth and unthinkingly chewed it with my front teeth. It turned out to be old and a little dried out, and therefore hard. I felt a sort of a “crunch.” My whole front bridge fell out! I now had a hole in my mouth! What to do? This was SO embarrassing! I was really busy with work and didn’t have time to deal with it, so I just avoided smiling. (Can you imagine?!) I had to take another trip to California soon thereafter. The next morning, I awoke in my hotel, got showered and dressed and went downstairs to the yummy breakfast buffet. They really did it right. Fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, the whole bit! I got a plate and served myself some eggs and bacon, with a couple slices of whole wheat toast. I sat down and grabbed a piece of bacon and bit. Guess what? One of my teeth on the top right side of my mouth shattered like a small explosion had gone off! I was picking up pieces of tooth on the table and out of my mouth! What a disaster! I could only imagine how much this would cost to get this mess figured out and fixed! So, I began looking around the Internet. I found a Dental “plan” at that didn’t have a deductible and provided a great discount on the dental services I needed. So, I signed up. I then found a dentist on the plan that would work to coordinate both my dental insurance and my dental plan together, so now I can afford to look like a human being again! I highly recommend finding a good dental plan. This is helpful even if you don’t have dental insurance at all, because it is so inexpensive! The discount dental plans start at $79.95 per year for an individual. And, if you sign up soon, they’ll tag on an additional three months! That’s 15 months worth of coverage starting at just under $80/year! That’s pretty hard to beat, if you ask me!


Want healthy teeth? Get a Discount Dental Plan!

March 19, 2009

Want Healthy Teeth? Get a Discount Dental Plan!

Pretend you and a friend are walking down the street, minding your own business. You stop at a little street fair and purchase a caramel apple. You bite into the luscious goody when all of a sudden, your entire head is filled with a screeching, screaming pain! You pull back the apple, and there, embedded in the sticky sweetness, is part of what was just moments earlier, your tooth! Now what? There you are, stuck with a thumping, throbbing stump of a tooth and no discount dental plan. You don’t even have cheap dental plan! Can you live with that pain? No, of course not.

Because you do not have a discount dental plan, you have been putting off your yearly checkups to the dentist, and now he is quite thrilled to see you and the sorry state that you have allowed your mouth to get into. Looks like he and the Mrs. will be going to Aruba this year, after all. You are sitting there, blind with pain, just praying for the gas, a shot, a mallet to the noggin, anything to numb the pain! In the haze of your misery, you hear words like root canal, gum disease and improper brushing technique. The masked face of the doctor looms over you and asks “have you been flossing” in ominous tones. Petrified, you reluctantly shake your head. You absolutely must get something done about this broken tooth, the pain of which is keeping you awake at night, but the bill from this repair may be even more miserable to bear. If only you had taken a few moments and signed up for a discount dental plan at

Even the simplest dental procedures can be expensive. A routine cleaning can easily be a few hundred dollars, and they are recommended every six months. If your budget is too tight to allow that much, you will, of course, skip them. Most people do not give their dental health a second thought until something starts bothering them. Ask any dentist and he will tell you, once it starts hurting, it is usually too late. Healthy teeth do not hurt and healthy gums do not bleed. Routine maintenance of your mouth may keep you from needing costly repairs down the road, but if you can’t afford it, then you simply will not do it. Some companies will offer medical or dental, but not always both. Which are you going to choose? Most people will take the medical and vow to take better care of their teeth on their own, but sometimes, things happen. Maybe your dental hygiene is exemplary. You brush two of three times a day and floss religiously. Then you join the baseball team and take a line drive right into your perfectly flossed kisser and lose your front two teeth. All the dental floss in the world will not fix that, will it?

The cost of a discount dental plan would more than be worth it in this case. A recent advertisement offered a single crown for $981. Our baseball player would be looking at a almost two thousand dollars in crowns alone! That kind of money buys an awful lot of dental floss. It’s important to choose the right discount dental plan, though. That’s why the website, Right Dental Insurance was created. For people just like you!